"There may be here and there a worker who for certain reasons unexplainable to us does not join a union of labor.... It is his legal right and no one can or dare question his exercise of that legal right"
--Samuel Gompers

Don't be Deceived!

Why does the California Federation of Teachers wish to hold fellow teachers in involuntary servitude?

Proposition 226 is not even a "right to work" law. It still leaves unions free to take money for their activities from unwilling people. But it does give union members and non-members alike the real power to prevent union dues from being used for political purposes.

If you do not belong to the union and disapprove of its political activites, or if you do belong, or approve, but do not think that political contributions should be taken from others by force, Proposition 226 is the simple answer.

The teachers unions have shown themselves to be essential arms of the Democratic Party. Don't let them use the pretext of so-called "employee rights" to finance their Party with money taken under their legal "collective bargaining" powers!

Say No! to union powers that are
politics by theft!

Vote YES on
Proposition 226.

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