A Letter to The Wall Street Journal,

Editorial, "Lamar Alexander's Finest Hour,"
February 3, 2020, A20

"Letters to the Editor"
The Wall Street Journal

Dear Sirs:

No. President Trump was not “wrong,” as you say, to temporarily withhold aid from the Ukraine – aid that President Obama had never given in the first place -- or to ask the Ukrainian President to investigate the Bidens. This was not, as you say, “reckless and self-destructive.” It is the duty of the President to see that American aid is not wasted in corrupt countries, and the Ukraine has been notoriously corrupt. The new President there [Volodymyr Zelensky] was elected to end corruption. And conspicuous corruption came from Vice President Biden, who openly boasted of protecting the company that was paying his son for doing nothing. This needed and still needs to be exposed, by someone. Are you protecting the Bidens? Are you protecting similar sinecures for the children of other politicians? Are you corrupt?

P.S. if you use this letter, do not delete “the” before “Ukraine.” The article has always been the usage in the English language, like “the Bronx,” “the Hague, and “the Gambia” – or didn’t you know about “the” Gambia?

Yours truly,

Kelley L. Ross, Ph.D.

Editorial Note:

The vote whether to convict President Trump in the United States Senate, under the Democrat articles of impeachment, on 5 February 2020, revealed a couple of significant things. One was that no Democrat broke ranks to vote in favor of Trump. Even Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia, who was widely expect to vote for Trump, didn't. This was someone from a State where the Governor switched from Democrat to Republican, where the vote went heavily to Trump in 2016 because Hillary Clinton promised to put the coal industry out of business, and when Manchin himself has often voted with the Republicans. Now he must explain to West Virginians why he voted with people who still want to put the coal industry out of business, abolish borders, and effect other insanities. Good luck to him.

But the biggest news of the vote was that it flushed out the RINO-in-Chief of the U.S. Senate:  The "sleazy worm" Mitt Romney. Romney has now revealed himself as the most treacherous and treasonous of all the treasonous RINO's. The most Country Club of all "Country Club Republicans," Romney is now exposed for all the faithlessness, disloyalty, stupidity, and self-righteousness that suits him to his betrayal. Let him enjoy for the moment all the praise of Hollywood communists, the New York Times, and the other ranks of Democrat anti-Americans. Romney joins the ranks of those protecting the corruption of the Bidens.

As it happens, a Romney adviser, Joseph Cofer Black, is himself on the Board of Directors of the Ukranian company "Burisma" -- including time when Joe Biden's son, Hunter, was himself collecting money for his sinecure on the Board. So Romney himself is part of the web of corruption that includes the Bidens. No wonder he voted with the Democrats. So his grand-standing self-righteousness was a dishonest, lying, and hypocritical act. Romney should resign. If not, he should be recalled by the voters of Utah.

But Republicans should ask themselves again why this keeps happening. Why are there Republicans who are so disloyal when the Democrats march in lock-step, even goose-step, with each other? As it happened, only Susan Collins voted with Romney to go along with the Democrat demand for "witnesses" in the Senate trial (by which Democrats hoped to build the case that they neglected to do in the House). Lamar Alexander might have, but significantly, as praised in the Journal editorial, didn't.

None of the usual RINO-suspects, except Romney, broke ranks over the final vote. None of them, of course, has a friend on the Burisma Board. I actually don't know if the Mormons believe in Hell. If they do, I hope that Romney will be joining Harry Reid there -- Reid, of course, the shameless, self-confessed liar -- ironically over lies about, guess who, Mitt Romney.


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