A Letter to The Wall Street Journal

"Liz Cheney Confronts a House of Cowards,"
Peggy Noonan, May 8-9, 2021, A13

"Letters to the Editor"
The Wall Street Journal

Dear Sirs:

I don’t know if the Democrats stole the 2020 election.  But they sure tried.  And they had been preparing for it for years, with opposition to voter ID laws and then with a push for “ballot harvesting,”  mail-in ballots, and other instruments of fraud.  Now they smear election integrity laws as “Jim Crow.”  Their motives and purposes are clear; and much of the election fraud in 2020 was carried out quite openly, especially in Pennsylvania, where the State Supreme Court rewrote the election laws into a Democrat wish-list.

The Constitution, which vests authority over elections in State Legislatures, was then dismissed as irrelevant, even by judges appointed by Donald Trump.  Noonan actually exults in their betrayal of their trust.  Ask Ken Starr.  And, of course, the complacency of Noonan and Liz Cheney about the election marks them (not Noonan’s “house of cowards”) as the RINO’s and traitors to Republican voters they are.

From Noonan’s impassioned defense of Cheney and of the upright and honest Democrats of 2020, one would not know that, meanwhile, Joe Biden is sleepwalking his way through the destruction of the Nation.  This is the naked evidence of the betrayal of the Republic, that Noonan and Cheney have spent their days repeating Democrat talking points, not putting out the urgent call to save America.  I don’t see “Critical Race Theory” anywhere in Noonan’s column.  Yet that is part of the “existential” threat to our land.   Noonan has other fish to fry.

Noonan and Cheney claim to be Reagan Republicans; but they obviously don’t see us about to lose the Cold War, which Reagan had won, because of our own internal enemies, from the academics and journalists who had always admired the Soviet Union and always hated Reagan.  Donald Trump is fighting that battle.  Noonan and Cheney, from their own confusion, dishonesty, and animus, are not.

Yours truly,

Kelley L. Ross, Ph.D.


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